Chicago Pneumatic: High-back pressure breakers

Chicago Pneumatic’s updated line of medium- (BRK 55 HBP), heavy- (BRK 70 HBP), and super-heavy duty (BRK 95 ) high-back pressure (HBP) breakers is designed to accept the higher return pressure that is found on skid steers.

The breakers work from the auxiliary output of most skid steers when used in conjunction with an oil flow divider. The oil flow divider is necessary to ensure that the correct oil flow and pressure is sent to the breaker at all times. Able to accept up to 515 psi (35 bar) of back pressure, their high pressure tolerance also permits the use of much longer hoses on job sites where space and access can be an issue.

The BRK 55 HBP is a medium weight, multi-purpose breaker, which can be adjusted to work with both 8 gpm and 5 gpm power packs. The BRK 70 HBP breakers are ideal for heavier demolition jobs and are suitable for use on tough materials such as asphalt, frozen soil, and reinforced concrete. The BRK 95 super-duty hydraulic breaker falls in the 100-foot-pound impact power class and is powerful enough to replace a small excavator with a breaker attachment in certain situations.