Telvent DTN ranked No. 1 in weather forecasting for fifth straight year

Telvent GIT, S.A.,has been named the most accurate provider of both temperature and precipitation forecasts for the fifth consecutive year by ForecastWatch, an analyst of predictions and outcomes in the weather industry.

Having the most accurate weather information further enhances Telvent’s SmartCity suite of solutions which, together with Schneider Electric, helps cities improve infrastructure management and maximize the efficiency of the Smart Grid.

Weather often has the greatest external impact on the efficiency and performance of city infrastructure, from electrical distribution and traffic management to airport operations and public safety. Telvent’s SmartCity solutions – which are designed to improve efficiencies throughout city infrastructures – rely on precise, accurate weather forecasting to maximize benefits and reduce costs for its customers. For example, if an electrical utility makes an error of just three degrees in predicting the day’s high temperature, it can cost up to $600,000 due to the resulting miscalculations in consumer demand. Telvent DTN’s accurate temperature forecasts help utilities avoid excess energy loads, reduce unnecessary expenditures and make more informed decisions to provide reliable power for their customers.

Reliable precipitation forecasts are equally important. Public works departments across the country need to know what type of precipitation to expect. A forecast calling for sleet might mandate a proactive approach with maintenance crews pre-treating with salt or sand, while rain might just be ignored. These same departments also need to know when, where and how much precipitation they can expect to receive so that they know when crews should be deployed, and how to best treat the roads.

Telvent Chairman and CEO Ignacio Gonzalez said in a written statement: “Telvent along with our parent company, Schneider Electric, are committed to the SmartCity concept – providing integrated solutions in helping cities improve efficiencies and operations, meet ambitious environmental goals, and deliver better city services even with strained operational budgets. Accurate forecasts are a critical component to a SmartCity, allowing them to react effectively and efficiently to changes in the weather. Telvent is proud to help provide that information to customers around the world.”

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Telvent was chosen as the most accurate provider of temperature and precipitation forecasts as compared to seven other top competitors, due to its consistent, correct predictions.

Telvent’s success can be attributed to its experienced staff of meteorologists, as well as its cutting-edge technology.