Introducing the new E-Series Roadtec Shuttle Buggy MTV

Sb 2500e 21Material transfer vehicles are subjected to a lot of wear. At Roadtec we’re proud to say that most of even our first Shuttle Buggy® transfer vehicles remain working today. And we’ve sold over 1,000 since 1988. We build them heavy-duty to start with and then help you with preventive maintenance. We can tell you exactly how much money it will cost to protect your investment with each maintenance cycle.

The new generation E-series Shuttle Buggy material transfer vehicle has enhanced conveyor wear resistance. Also new are the dual operator stations, which can now slide sideways past the outer edge of the main frame, improving operator visibility. Mix storage functionality has been improved with the addition of indicators, which show how much mix remains in the hopper. An optional, adjustable width front dump hopper is offered to accommodate different widths asphalt mix haul trucks. The E-series Shuttle Buggy MTV features CAT®  C-27 ACERT, 300 HP (224 kW) Tier 4 diesel engine.

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