10 ways to boost your pickup’s fuel economy

(Photo: Saif Pervaiz / Flickr)(Photo: Saif Pervaiz / Flickr)

Our sister site Equipment World has shared 10 tips for improving the fuel economy of a pickup truck.

Whether you use your pickup for the job, family or leisure, it’s always nice to find ways to reduce operating costs and save money.

And, who knows, those extra funds could go toward improving your fleet next year, or — if it’s your personal truck — it could give you some extra holiday cash.

Here’s a quick look at Equipment World’s tips for boosting fuel economy:

  1. 1.    Don’t add weight.

  2. 2.   Keep tire pressure at the proper psi.

  3. 3.   Leave off the lift kit.

  4. 4.   Add a tonneau cover.

  5. 5.   Don’t add bigger tires.

  6. 6.   Watch your rpms.

  7. 7.   Avoid a winch or heavy duty bumper.

  8. 8.   Get a cold-air intake and cat- or turbo-back exhaust.

  9. 9.   Keep your speed under 65 mph.

  10. 10. Use synthetic lubricants.

To learn the reasoning behind these tips, read the full report at EquipmentWorld.com.