PIG Quick-Fit Drain Insert is fully-adjustable, easy to install


New Pig has introduced its PIG Quick-Fit Drain Insert, which filters oil and sediment from wastewater to prevent them from reaching stormwater outlets.

Designed for use in high-vehicle-traffic areas, the fully-adjustable insert requires no retaining rods or trimming and can be installed by one person. The drain insert features a metal frame that slides in four directions to fit drain openings from 16 inches by 26 inches to 20 inches by 32 inches.

The Quick-Fit Drain Insert’s below-grate design allows for high traffic flow, while the geotextile fabric allows stormwater to flow through. The insert also includes an 18-inch-deep accumulation pocket to collect sediment, debris and oil, as well as a high-flow storm port to prevent backups in extreme conditions.

The 6.04-pound insert absorbs up to 1.5 gallons and has a maximum flow rate of 900 gallons per minute.

For more information, visit newpig.com.