Atlas Copco’s new Dynapac CA1300 and CA1500 single-drum soil rollers



A wide range of parking lot, road, utility pipe and street projects are possible with the new Dynapac CA1300 and CA1500 single-drum soil rollers from Atlas Copco.

With cross-mounted engines, which Atlas Copco says is an industry first, and hydraulic pumps in line with the engine, operators can reach all components for service and maintenance, while placing the engines perpendicular to the frame also improves weight distribution and reduces the footprint of the units.


Powered by a Tier 4 Final, 75-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and a Tier 4 Interim, 100-horsepower Cummins diesel engine, respectively, the rollers have top-mounted cool air intakes with side vents that combine with the ejector exhaust outlet, minimizing engine noise and preventing dust from being sucked into the engine compartment.

The CA1300 features a static linear load of 73 pounds per linear inch, and a 54-inch drum. Additional features include service alert systems, an rpm management system and optional strike-off blades. The CA1500 has 112 PLI and a 66-inch drum. The high static linear loads make the rollers useful for compacting a variety of materials from clay to rock fill.
Both units have the ABC system, which prevents operators from over-compacting the soil, as an option. The system works by detecting double jumping, which can crack drums and cause premature fatigue damage, and shutting off the rollers vibration before damage can occur.

Article written by Amy Materson, Managing Editor of Equipment World.