Massachusetts to implement all-electronic toll-taking

Drivers slow down to 15 mph at a toll booth in Massachusetts. (Photo: Flickr)Drivers slow down to 15 mph at a toll booth in Massachusetts. (Photo: Flickr)

Massachusetts is following Los Angeles’ lead and installing all-electronic tolling systems.

However, rather than focus on one toll booth on one bridge, Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Richard Davey has said the goal is to have statewide open-road electronic toll collection fully operational mid-2015, according to CBS Boston.

The toll booths will cost $60 million to $80 million to install, but Davey said the system will pay for itself in less than 18 months.

Davey said he thinks motorists will appreciate the new the toll booths because they will no longer have to slow down to about 15 mph to pass through.

“Being able to pay at speed, going at 65 miles an hour, 45 miles an hour, should save folks time and congestion and frankly, aggravation,” Davey said.

The all-electronic tolling system will debut on the Tobin Bridge, and implementation of the toll booths in other areas throughout the state will follow.