John Deere intros two compact excavators to G Series, Final Tier 4 compliant

Updated Jun 28, 2020
John Deere 60G compact excavatorJohn Deere 60G compact excavator

John Deere has introduced the 50G and 60G compact excavators, 26 and 53 horsepower, respectively, to its G Series. Both models are outfitted with a DOC/DPF aftertreatment device to meet the Final Tier 4 (FT4 ) emissions requirements. The FT4 design is based on John Deere’s Interim Tier 4 strategy and both models incorporate an  auto-idle feature that slows engine speed when the pilot-control levers are momentarily released – for reduced fuel consumption and noise.

John Deere 50G compact excavatorJohn Deere 50G compact excavator

A new door design improves entry and visibility to the left hand side of the machine and widens the size of the opening for entering the cab. Within the operator station, a new multifunction monitor provides a coolant temperature and fuel gauge, clock, two trip meters, regeneration inhibit, auto shut down control, and machine hours. A third service door was also added to both models to provide improved access to the cooling core. The cores were positioned side-by-side rather than being stacked inline to increase cooling performance.

The machines also feature oil-impregnated boom, and arm and bucket bushings and models can be equipped with an optional, hydraulic, adjustable-angle backfill blade that features 25 degrees of adjustment to both the left and right for more efficient trench backfilling.