A ripper bucket’s few minutes of fame on ‘Gold Rush’ Alaska

Img 2534Leading Edge Attachments’ Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket enjoyed its few minutes of fame when it was shown on the Discovery Channel’s reality show “Gold Rush” Alaska a few times. (Videos of the show can be seen on YouTube https://youtu.be/k18ocfBI9ME and https://youtu.be/DqKQNbRe2Vo.)

In the show, Dakota Fred said, referring to the bucket; “we affectionately call this bucket the Bedrock Shark.” They used the bucket to rip through the cemented cobble and bedrock near the bottom of an ancient waterfall that they call their “glory hole.” The show footage showed the conventional trenching bucket just skimming over the top of the rock, so he then switched to the Multi-Ripper SHARC  bucket, and it was ripping the material with ease.

SHARC refers to “Shanks on an ARC,” meaning that each tooth hits one at a time, thus providing the full breakout force sequentially on each tooth.

The bucket may also make a cameo this summer. According to the bucket’s manufacturer, Fred is planning to use the bucket more this summer, and it may appear more in the next season’s shows.