APWA 2014: Special Section

Learn, earn professional credit, network and see the latest public works products.

Compiled by Tina Grady Barbaccia

The American Public Works Association (APWA) 2014 International Public Works Congress and Exposition, billed as “The Best Show in Public Works,” will bring attendees more than 125 technical and professional development sessions from colleagues and vendors through which CEUs and PDHs can be earned. The Congress, which has merged with the Sustainability in Public Works show, is slated for Aug. 17-20 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre – South Building, in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

logoUntitled-1To get the most out of the sessions, attendees are able to print handouts for the courses by clicking on the various sessions in the full schedule list at apwa.net/congress/2014/schedule/full-schedule.

In addition to the estimated 90,000 square feet of exhibit floor with more than 400 exhibitors, the show will feature a Technology Pavilion, a Green Pavilion, Central Park, New Product Showcases and an Exhibitor Solutions Theater, where CEUs may be earned.

Areas covered at the show include the following: Career & Personal Development; Construction Management; Emergency Management; Engineering & Technology; Environment/Sustainability; Facilities; Fleet Services; Management; Parks & Grounds; Snow & Ice; Solid Waste; Stormwater/Flood Control; Streets/Roads/Bridges; Traffic Engineering; Utilities/Right-of-Way; and Water & Wastewater.

For a list of sessions by subject, go to apwa.net/congress/2014/schedule/categorized-schedule. To see a list of this year’s exhibitors and products that will be shown, go to events.ntpshow.com/apwa2014/public/ExhibitorList.aspx. To register for this year’s APWA International Congress and Exposition, go to apwa.net/account/congressLogon.


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Beka-Max of America’s Economical Spray Lube Options Simplify Greasing Booms and Other Difficult Tasks


Beka-Max of America Inc. has introduced three new lines of professional-grade pneumatic spray grease gun systems depending upon the amount of surfaces that need to be covered. Service technicians have more options with a cleaner, cost effective and more efficient way to maintain proper lubrication on telescoping booms and other large or chain-type surfaces.

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Following the recent successful launch of the Lube Shuttle manual grease guns by MATO GmbH, Beka-Max of America Inc. has introduced three pneumatic MATO products; the LubeJet-eco system, the pneuMATO55-static and the pneuMATO55-mobile. Whether at the shop or in a mobile application, these units have been designed to lubricate large surfaces of machines, vehicle gears, ropes, chains and telescoping booms.

The Systems

The LubeJet-eco system works with the same refillable, efficient and economical screw-type cartridges that keeps reloads fast, simple and clean. Easily portable and ideal for field service applications, it simplifies the job.

The spray pistol for the pneuMATO55, with its fingertip controls can handle greases up to NLGI 2.The spray pistol for the pneuMATO55, with its fingertip controls can handle greases up to NLGI 2.

Recent tests have shown a significant reduction in time and mess, says Jacquie McDougall, President of Beka-Max of America Inc. “Initial reports from the field have indicated that the service techs have found it to be ideal for all types of applications that used to take a lot of time and energy and when it is time to reload, just like the Lube Shuttle, they simply remove the cartridge cover, unscrew the cartridge, install a new one and replace the cover and begin spraying again.”

The pneuMATO55-static and -mobile systems are identical in principle to the LubeJet-eco system. The grease gun connects to a unique sheath wrapped “Twin Hose”. This hose arrangement has been developed to manage both the grease and a high-pressure air supply. The system can be matched to grease kegs from a 25 kg pail to a 200 kg barrel on a trolley. The spray pistol can handle greases up to NLGI 2. Developed for in-shop usage, these economical and efficient spray grease systems are ideal for applications where large surfaces need to be maintained.

Developed as a trigger-operated spray gun, both the pneumatically powered LubeJet-eco system and the pneuMATO55-static and -mobile systems deliver a fine spray. The fingertip control of the spray nozzle regulates the flow of grease and air for a smooth, even application. Depending upon the surface being covered, the spray can also be adjusted from round to oblong.

The LubeJet pneumatic grease delivery systems connect easily to a compressor (air pressure max 5 bar) and work without the need for special solvents, propellant or chemical additives that would adversely affect the overall performance of the equipment being lubricated.

Problems Solved

The pneuMATO55-static and -mobile options come with a unique “Twin Hose” to manage both the grease and air supply.The pneuMATO55-static and -mobile options come with a unique “Twin Hose” to manage both the grease and air supply.

Beka-Max of America Inc., the United States factory authorized distributor of the Beka product line is recognized as a leading innovator and supplier of automatic lubrication systems for equipment. Jacquie McDougall reported that a major complaint for operators and service technicians who need to apply grease to telescoping booms, wire, chains, etc., was the time required to do it properly combined with the environmental mess and wasted product that was needed to be applied. “So much product has to be put on to make sure that all the surfaces are covered so that the residual grease would do the job,” says McDougall. “With the LubeJet systems, all that mess has now been eliminated.”

“These systems have been widely used across Europe. It makes so much sense and we knew our customers would appreciate the simplicity and efficiency built into these units. No more mops or buckets,” says McDougall.

As is the case with the Lube Shuttle systems, McDougall says that Beka-Max of America Inc. will also offer pail pumps and adaptors for shops that want to refill their used cartridges onsite.

For more information about Beka-Max of America Inc. and the LubeJet pneumatic grease delivery systems, visit beka-lube.com.