The state with the best roads in the country is…

Florida_State_Road_17_northern_segment_scenic_lake_viewAccording to a report from the Washington Post, the state with the best roads in the country is …Florida!

The report says only four percent of Florida’s 121,000+ miles road are in need of work. That’s way below the nation’s average of 14 percent. And since the Sunshine State has such good roads, local drivers save an estimated $300 a year in car maintenance compared to the rest of the country.

There are two big reasons why Florida has nicer roads than any other state.

1: Tolls and gas taxes.

Around 36 cents per gallon is added for drivers who fill up in the state of Florida. That money, plus tolls and other fees, are put together to account for 68.8 percent of the state’s transportation funds.

2: Weather.

Florida’s warm weather is road-friendly compared to colder climates that lead to cracks and huge potholes.