Asphalt Drum Mixers’ EX Series asphalt plants feature single-drum counterflow technology


Asphalt Drum Mixers (ADM) has introduced its EX Series asphalt plants, which feature single-drum counterflow technology.

Available in a portable or stationary version, the plant is designed for low to medium production applications and features a compact design.

The machine, which produces 100 to 425 tons per hour, uses counterflow technology to separate drying and mixing zones, increasing the level of heat transfer and fuel efficiency.

The system reduces hydrocarbon emissions by reintroducing residual gases back to the drum’s combustion zone.

The plant offers simple operation and maintenance. The system requires just two operators — one plant operator and one loader operator — and is designed to allow on-site staff to handle most breakdown issues.

Available individual components for the EX Series asphalt plants include cold feed bins, hot oil asphalt cement tanks (both horizontal and vertical), direct-fired horizontal cement tanks, portable and stationary bag houses, mineral filler systems, RAP systems, self-erect and stationary silos, weigh and drag conveyors, weigh batchers and fuel oil tanks.