Wilk Electronics W3X Excavator Scale fits any style of excavator

Wilk W3x1The Wilk Electronics W3X Excavator Scale is built to fit any style of excavator. It’s durable design can handle the toughest environments while it’s in-motion technology provide consistently accurate weight readings. This allows for smooth and efficient loading for your operation without costly slowdowns.

The W3X has a 5.7-inch high contrast screen and easy to understand menu configuration, making operation of the scale simple and intuitive. The scale components are made up of dual pressure sensors and multiple angle sensors with speed in motion sensing, giving accurate readings for any excavator. Data logging is also available with a built in USB port allowing for the storage of customer and product data, truck numbers and a variety of other information. The same port is also used for the installation of new W3X software. Thse features make the W3X both an accurate bucket scale and valuable data analysis tool.

For additional information please contact Wilk Electronics at 402-762-5745 or visit our website at http://www.wilkelectronics.com.