Jet’s side dump trailer with side extension offers extra tub hauling capacity

36 Sd Triple Axle YellowJet Co.’s side dump trailer with a side extension is available in steel or aluminum.  The side dump extension offers additional tub hauling capacity to maximize every load.  You still get all of the exceptional benefits you’ve come to expect from our current side dump trailer including Jet’s patented trunnion mounted inverted cylinder designed to reduce tub acceleration and significantly improve trailer stability.  This trailer also has the customary rounded tub that improves clean out, external tub supports that make hauling long items easier, and high strength ÂĽ-inch abrasion resistant steel for additional tub strength and reduction of dents.  A new bushing design makes all tub and cylinder pivot points maintenance free.

Whether hauling wet sand, dirt, boulders, rocks or other products, Jet’s side dump trailers provide a safer dump, unprecedented stability and the versatility to meet your material handling needs.  Jet’s side dump trailers are built to the same standards of superior engineering and quality as all of our other trailer lines. Visit to view demonstrations of our PATENTED side dump trailer in action.

Jet Company also manufactures detachable gooseneck, dropdeck, flatbed, tag, grain (steel or aluminum) and specialty trailers.  For additional information, please contact us at 515-332-3117, email: [email protected] or visit our website.