Infrared electro-optical technology to determine road conditions

High Sierra Electronics/Innovative Dynamics’s new optical sensor products originally developed by IDI for the aerospace industry will now be manufactured in California by HSE for use in the transportation sectors. The IceSight is a remote sensor that uses laser and infrared electro-optical technology to determine the conditions of the road surface. The sensor’s standard data output includes air temperature, surface temperature, eight distinct surface indications, a surface friction coefficient, and a soiled optics indication. These compact and rugged sensors can be

deployed on existing traffic poles or structures using standard Astro-Brac or similar hardware. Applications for non-intrusive surface sensors include Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) for intersections, highways and bridges, activation of message signs and anti-icing spray systems. These open protocol sensors are network ready and can be deployed alone or as part of a NTCIP-compliant road weather system. Collaboration between the partners is now underway to product related remote sensor products measuring surface temperature and visibility.