CTI® MP Forks for Multipurpose Buckets

CTI has a revolutionary NEW way to mount forks on backhoes equipped with 4-in-1″ or multipurpose buckets.  MP Forks offer an easy solution to mounting forks on these buckets without handling, welding, or lifting.  MP60″s have 6000 lb. lift capacity and 48″ tines. MP80″s have 8000 lb. lift capacity and 60″ tines. Both will fit most makes and models of backhoes.


How do these revolutionary new forks work?  Just open the bucket clam, drive into the forks, pick them up with the front cutting edge and close the clam on the retainer bars that fit between the two back cutting edges.  Hook up the safety chains to insure that the forks will stay on even if the bucket gets pried open and the forks are ready to go.  When you™re done, unhook the safety chains, open the clam, set the forks down and back out. It™s simple and easy.


·       Forks mount and dismount in seconds so they are easy to use.

·       Forks are mounted on the reinforced part of the bucket to maximize lift.

·       Forks can be used on more than one machine.

·       No welding, no screws and no modifications to the bucket.

·       No lifting or positioning by hand – the bucket does it all.

·       Bucket closing mechanism holds forks solidly in place.

·       Forks stay parallel to the front cutting edge while in use.

·       Solid steel construction for excellent durability.

·       Can be loaded and unloaded easily from the truck or trailer with the bucket.

·       Covered by CTI™s exclusive Three (3) Year Warranty.


For more information or the name of the dealer nearest you contact:

CTI, 5070 Oakland St., Denver CO 80239    800-423-8689 303-371-8097

Or visit our website: www.ctiattachments.com