Detroit Diesel completes 25 million miles of testing with BlueTec SCR

Detroit Diesel announced during the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, Texas, the completion of 25 million miles of testing on its BlueTec emissions technology. The company says that by January 1, 2010, the technology will undergo more than 28 million miles of testing, making it one of the most proven and tested emission production technologies.

Detroit Diesel’s BlueTec technology includes a 1-Box packaging design optimized for low-back pressure and an all-new, robust DPF material. The aftertreatment system will utilize diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) that has been optimized for low emissions and high fuel economy.

Rakesh Aneja, Detroit Diesel’s EPA 2010 program manager, says that the 2010 BlueTec technology has shown up to a 5 percent improvement in fuel economy. He says that the company was able to test the technology in various environments to ensure the technology met the company’s expectations.

Detroit Diesel’s BlueTec technology utilizes SCR technology that lowers the amount of harmful emissions while maintaining fuel economy. Since adapting to the technology in 2005, Daimler Trucks, parent company of Detroit Diesel, has delivered more than 200,000 trucks and buses utilizing BlueTec.

For more information on BlueTec technology, visit Daimler’s website.