Volvo taking orders for EPA 2010-ready trucks

Volvo Trucks North America is now taking orders for trucks in its entire product line equipped to meet the EPA 2010 emissions standards. The new trucks will use Volvo’s selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to ensure reduction of harmful emissions.

Volvo’s SCR aftertreatment system converts harmful nitrous oxide into nitrogen gas and water using diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), creating a cleaner exhaust that helps trucks reduce their carbon footprints and increase fuel efficiency.

“These trucks will deliver the near-zero emissions and improved fuel economy SCR-equipped Volvo trucks have demonstrated,” says Scott Kress, Volvo’s senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Initial production of trucks equipped with SCR is schedule for Fall 2009, with deliveries beginning a few weeks later. Production will take place at the New River Valley plant in Dublin, Virginia, before production of Mack Trucks is moved to Macungie, Pennsylvania.

Orders for approximately 50 of these trucks had been received by mid-June. Customers can order EPA2010-ready trucks through Volvo dealers.

For more information on Volvo’s EPA 2010-ready trucks, visit Volvo’s website.