Subaru offers new line of EFI engines

Subaru is now supplementing their existing engine line by now offering a line of electronic fuel injection (EFI) engines. EFI engines are suited for use with a variety of equipment, including welders, generators, pressure washers and lawnmowers. The line includes two models, the EH72 V-Twin and EH72 UTV, designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions while providing fast starts in a wide range of ambient temperatures.

Used in car engines since the 1980’s, EFI technology has been applied by Subaru to its smaller, air-cooled industrial engines. The EFI engines run on an open-loop system, which use an electronic control unit (ECU). Using several different sensors that are able to accurately detect manifold pressure, ambient temperature and throttle position, the ECU is constantly relaying information to the injector, which is then able to deliver the proper air-to-fuel ratio. The result of this continuous relay of information is an engine that is always running at an optimal level, giving the end-user better fuel economy and emissions control. Allowing for differences in operating speed, applications and fuel type, the estimated fuel economy improvements are 11 to 25 percent over that of a similar carbureted engine, not to mention exhaust emissions are reduced by more than 20 percent.

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