Durable compact utility vehicle tows up to 1,100 pounds
Kubota’s gas-powered RTV500 compact utility vehicle comes with the comfort and technology of a larger utility vehicle, but is compact enough to fit into the bed of a full-size pickup truck. At 54.7 inches wide and 72 inches tall, the RTV500 treks through rugged terrain with a 15.8-horsepower, liquid-cooled, two-cylinder Kubota gas engine, four-wheel drive and a top speed of 25 miles per hour. The vehicle comes standard with Kubota’s VHT Plus variable hydrostatic transmission, which provides smooth braking and hill-holding capabilities. The RTV500 holds up to 440 pounds (or 9 cubic feet) in its metal cargo dumping box and tows up to 1,100 pounds.

Excavators adjust to light duty, normal or high-power conditions
Two hydraulic excavators in the 12- to 13.5-metric-ton range – the 120D and 135D – have been added to John Deere’s D-Series line. The 120D handles quick excavating or pipe placing jobs, while the 135D includes reduced tail-swing and a short counterweight for digging near buildings and obstructions. Both excavators include Powerwise III engines/hydraulic systems with 93 net horsepower. Select from one of three modes to match engine rpm to the operating conditions and application. When changing attachments, match hydraulic flow to the attachment without having to leave the cab by using the provided LCD display monitor.

Leveling scraper available in three widths
Double D Manufacturing’s Tuff-Man leveling scraper designed for 35- to 125-horsepower tractors comes in three available models, including 6-, 7- and 8-foot-wide models. Double D’s bogie rear suspension ensures smooth finish work at high speeds. Available attachments include a three tine rear harrow, rear bolt-on hitch, serrated grader blades, 8-inch single rolling basket, 12-inch smooth drum roller and a double or single heavy duty 12-inch rolling basket.

Rugged rumble strip grinder handles demanding roadwork
Thomas Grinding’s SS-200 Rumble Strip Machine is small enough that it can mount to most skid steers and grind shoulder rumble strips, center line rumble strips and transverse rumble strips. The SS-200 can also complete small road planing and line removal.

Rotary drum design slashes knife changing time in half
Bandit Industries’ Quick-Change Rotary Drum Chipper cuts knife changing time in half, making it easier to set the knife to the anvil and remove the drum shaft should the need arise. Older shafts on conventional drums can be difficult to remove and at times cause damage, but removing the shaft from the rotor in the Quick-Change system is simple and does not lead to damage. Two styles of rotary drum chippers are available, including 12- and 16-inch-long drums.

Durable tilt-deck trailer carries multiple machines
TrailMax’s FWTRD-70-T features a 20-degree transition angle with a 9-foot upper deck for extra equipment space. A 5-by-12-inch cushion cylinder actuates the 25-foot tilt deck, making loading and unloading easy. With a GVWR of 84,000 pounds and a hi-tensile fabricated I-beam frame, this trailer can haul multiple pieces of equipment to the jobsite. The FWTRD-70-T can also be customized with various options including d-rings, outriggers, traction cleats, custom paint and more.

Rotating grapple fits a variety of skid steers
M.C. Faulkner and Sons’ 360-degree rotating log grapple comes with a universal skid steer quick-coupler plate to adapt to a variety of tractors and skid steers. The grapple includes a side-to-side swing damper to give the operator greater control of the grapple. A diverter valve is installed on the mounting plate of the grapple for ease of installation.

Rotating laser offers flexibility for interior alignment tasks
Suitable for a wide range of interior leveling or alignment jobs, Leica Geosystems’ Roteo 35 automatic self-leveling rotating laser includes an integrated motorized mount with intuitive remote operation capabilities so you can set working heights or move positions. The Leica Roteo 35 features a 90-degree plumb beam and a self-leveling range of +/- 9 degrees, providing manual functionality for various slope requirements on inclined planes. The laser’s scanning mode enhances visibility in bright light conditions.

Cutters slice through materials at depths up to 4.7 inches
With a 2.6-kilowatt motor and new cutting depth adjustment mechanism, Hilti’s DCH 230 and DCH 330 Electric Diamond Cutters reach depths of 3.4 and 4.7 inches. Hilti Smart Power – an electronic control system that regulates motor power to suit the material being cut and the pressure applied to the tool – allows these cutters to blast through tough materials such as reinforced concrete, granite curbstone, slabs, bricks, metal beams, steel pipes and more. Both cutters guide away from the operator’s body to offer protection from debris. Low tool vibration helps increase operator comfort, even during periods of long use.

Laser provides accuracy to +/- 1⁄6 of an inch at 100 feet
AGL’s GradoPlane 25 dual grade laser offers long range, remote capability and -5 to +25 percent grade capability for precise control during site preparation. Created to operate at a range up to 2,500 feet, the GradoPlane 25 includes a two-way remote control for quick setup and operation, intuitive screen selections, wind sensitivity settings, grade reverse on both axes and beam masking to prevent interference with other crews on site. Fast automatic self-leveling – even when inputting the maximum 25 percent grade – helps save time when multiple grade breaks are needed or when matching an existing slope. Two battery compartments accept various rechargeable packs and alkaline batteries.

Enhance engine performance in various temperature and service conditions
ConocoPhillips’ Triton ECT 5W40 Full Synthetic API CJ-4 diesel engine oil provides soot control to prevent oil thickening and reduce filter blockage, wear protection for critical parts and low temperature oil pumpability for engines operating in extreme service conditions. The oil meets lubrication requirements for engines compliant with 2007 low emissions regulations and meets heavy duty engine oil specifications for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack and Volvo.