Product Focus: Welding equipment

Welder/generator offers choice of four modes
Select from a choice of engines with Lincoln Electric’s Vantage 300 welder/generator, which now features either a Kubota or Deutz diesel engine. Housed in a compact, stainless steel enclosure for corrosion resistance, the Vantage features Lincoln Chopper Technology for consistent arc starts and smooth arc performance when stick, TIG or wire welding. Operators can choose from four modes – CC-stick, downhill pipe for stick, touch-start TIG or CV-wire. The Vantage 300 can also arc gouge with up to /-inch carbons.

Vault protects PC board for improved reliability
Improve arc performance when TIG, MIG, stick and E71T-8 flux cored wire welding with Miller Electric’s Vault, which creates a hermetically sealed environment to protect the printed circuit board for a true constant voltage output. Available in the Big Blue and PRO 300 series of engine drives, the Vault provides a minimum 98-percent reliability rating. The Vault is made of two aluminum halves sealed with silicone and has a watertight harness for connections.

High deposition MIG guns reduce fatigue
Reduce operator fatigue with Bernard’s HD Q and S Series MIG guns, specifically designed for high deposition MIG welding. Both guns are available in 300- to 600-amp models and have a durable one-piece straight handle. Bernard’s Stay-Tite technology incorporates long lasting compression fittings and tapered neck-to-handle connections to enable delivery of a consistent electrical current while allowing the gun to run cool. An armor-protected locking trigger features an optional dual-schedule switch.

Portable plasma system designed for variety of applications
Perform a variety of cutting and gouging applications with Hypertherm’s Powermax45 system, a portable 1/2-inch plasma cutting and gouging system. The Powermax45 is a single-gas system designed for handheld and mechanized applications, and works in the shop or the field. The system offers a 45-amp output and 50-percent duty cycle, features a built-in CNC interface and has a 50:1 voltage divider. The Powermax45’s air and nitrogen system requires no pre-heating of the work piece or regulating flammable gases.

Auto-darkening filter works under difficult conditions
Sellstrom’s Impulse Magsense auto-darkening filter features both optical and magnetic arc detection systems to ensure the filter will never turn from dark to light, even if the sensors are blocked. Magsense creates a magnetic field when an arc is struck, forcing the lens to stay dark as long as an arc is present. Useful for all welding processes including TIG and TIG pulsing, the Magsense also works in applications where smoke, reflections or lighting issues can interfere with auto-darkening filters.

Welder allows operator to fine-tune DC current
Connect machines together for parallel operation with Multiquip’s DLW300ESA welder, which delivers up to 300 amps of DC welding power and 10.5-Kw of 120/240-volt AC power. An arc force control feature allows the operator to fine-tune the DC current during low voltage welding conditions and helps prevent electrodes from sticking during short arc length welding. Powered by a Kubota engine, the DLW300ESA operates at a low noise level of 59 dBA.

Unit deposits continuous layer inside bore
Repair worn bores on heavy equipment with Bortech’s 306-Z BoreWelder, which is portable and features easy setup. The BoreWelder offers rotary and axial motion, depositing a continuous layer of metal inside the bore from 1/2-inch to a 54-inch buildup. An autoskip function enables the operator to designate areas not to be welded such as grease fittings or keyways.

Auto-darkening lens changes in milliseconds
Reduce inaccurate striking with MSA’s Auto-Change Electronic Welding Lens, which enables the welder to view the welding electrode in the exact start position. In a light, semi-transparent state prior to welding, the lens darkens within 0.4 milliseconds once an arc is struck. The filter can be used with MSA’s clip-on welders’ adapters.

Bore welder offers skip-weld feature
Enable simultaneous boring and welding operations with Climax Portable Machine Tools’ BW3000Z AutoBoreWelder. The BW3000Z features microprocessor control for uniformity and precision, and the unit’s step technology allows skip-welding designation. The AutoBoreWelder is available in a standard 6-inch stroke package that attaches to a range of boring machine mounting fixtures, enabling a single setup for welding and machining operations.

Backpack cutting system works underwater
Perform a range of cutting and gouging tasks with Magnum USA’s MAG9000 backpack cutting system. Weighing 16 pounds when fully charged, the unit holds 66 cubic feet of oxygen at 3,000 psi for up to 30 minutes of cutting. The unit’s non-magnetic cylinder is 50 percent lighter than aluminum and 70 percent lighter than steel, features quiet operation and works underwater.

Energy-saving welder performs range of tasks
Perform light fabrication with Hobart Welding Products’ IronMan 250, a DC/CV, single-phase MIG/FCAW unit. The IronMan 250 runs .023- to .045-inch-diameter wire and has a wire feed speed range between 90 and 750 inches per minute. The unit welds 22-gauge to 1/2-inch-thick and has a 60-percent duty cycle at 200 amps. A low amperage draw of 34 amps at 230 volts saves energy. The unit comes with a built-in wire feeder, running gear, cylinder rack, regulator/flow gauge, MIG gun, cable clamp and extra tips.

Perform welding, bore and bore finishing with one setup
Choose from a fixed or variable feed rate with Bore Repair Systems’ BOA-308i bore welder for a customized welding application. The BOA-308i delivers a uniform weld buildup and can be used for repairs on any equipment with a pivot point. An auto-skip function is available on any BOA-308i bore welding system, and an interface kit allows one setup for welding, boring and bore finishing.

Power Center for service trucks offers welding capability
Enhance your service truck with Goodall’s Power Center 2000 Series, which features a welder, compressor and generator. Perform general repair and fabrication with the unit’s welder, which offers up to 250 amps DC welding capability and includes 25-foot 1/0 gauge welding cables. The 2000 Series also has a removable control box for remote mounting.

Battery welder provides DC power, smooth welds
Experience precise operation with Multiquip’s BDW180MC rechargeable battery welder. The 180-amp unit is powered by five 12-volt batteries and recharges itself during operation. The unit weighs only 129 pounds and produces no emissions, making the BDW180MC useful for indoor or outdoor use. A digital control panel provides clear digital readouts and allows the operator to make precise adjustments. The welder comes standard with wheels for easier transportation around the jobsite, and with commercial latches that when removed can be used to distribute weight during transport.