Fluid mixing system aids in horizontal directional drilling operations
Ditch Witch’s FM25 fluid mixing system offers a low maintenance way to mix drilling fluid for horizontal directional drilling operations. A 25-horsepower Kubota diesel engine provides power to support large HDD systems. Steep sides on the FM25’s Venturi wet hopper allow fast, thorough fluid mixing. Choose between two hoppers – either a 500-gallon or 1,000-gallon tank – with a fuel fill on both sides for flexible setups on either a trailer or a truck.

Excavator combines finesse and precision for finish-quality grading
Kobelco Construction Machinery’s SK295LC ACERA Mark 8 hydraulic excavator delivers heavy-duty power coupled with precise control for grading and leveling tasks. The SK295LC relies on Kobelco’s Power Boost system for 10 percent more bucket breakout force on command, while the Intelligent Control System recognizes the operator’s moves, providing progressive power when and where it’s needed. You can choose from four different power modes, depending on the job type and difficulty level.

Excavator guidance system eases excavation of complex surfaces
Leica Geosystems’ PowerDigger 3D guides excavators with a choice of single or dual GNSS (GPS plus GLONASS PowerBox) and PowerAntenna sensors that help eliminate stakeout and grade checking downtime. The sensors receive machine position information in real-time via GNSS, and then the unit calculates the excavator bucket’s exact 3D position on site. The system then compares the bucket position with the 3D design model, displaying differences (such as cut/fill/slope) to the operator on a large display screen. The PowerDigger 3D supports all common 3D design model formats. Design files can be sent to the excavator via a global system for mobile communication or local wireless LAN with Internet access.

Compact track loader has 1,246-pound load capacity
Mustang’s Model MTL312 compact track loader is the most compact in the company’s line up. The unit’s dedicated track design – a heavy-duty undercarriage system versus a bolt-on undercarriage – gives the machine its strength. With an operating weight of 5,952 pounds and a width of just under 58 inches, the MTL312 can fit through narrow spaces while still providing a spacious work station. An emergency engine shutdown system, electric engine monitoring system and tilt-back ROPS/FOPS combine to prevent unnecessary or excessive downtime. The loader features a tip capacity of 3,549 pounds and a load capacity of 1,246 pounds at 35-percent tip capacity.

Increased load capacity ups telehandler’s performance
Genie has enhanced its GTH-5519 compact rough terrain telehandler with 1,900-pound load capacity at 11-feet maximum horizontal reach, Tier 3 Deutz or Perkins engines and an easily accessible engine compartment. The GTH-5519’s re-engineered cab now has an integrated FOPS grid, reducing the overall cab height to 6 feet 4 inches. A repositioned floor-mounted throttle pedal improves operator comfort, and the multi-function joystick provides fast, precise load positioning.

Reversible plate compactors offer 4,800 vibrations per minute
Bomag’s two compact-size reversible plate compactors deliver 23 percent faster working speeds than previous models through a new vibratory exciter design and better compaction forces. The units operate at 4,800 vibrations per minute, and have wear-resistant base plates with reinforced edges and a working width of 23.6 inches. With a 13-percent increase in centrifugal force, the units compact granular, cohesive and mixed soils. The BPR35/60 features a 5.4-horsepower Honda air-cooled gasoline engine, while the BPR35/60D has a 4.16-horsepower Hatz air-cooled diesel engine.

Track carrier performs landclearing tasks in tight spaces
Fecon says its FTX148L track carrier offers almost twice the performance of a typical skid steer while being only slightly larger in size. Powered by a Caterpillar C4.4 engine, the unit has the Fecon Power Management System and the Bull Hog mulcher. Other features include a large cab with side door entry, different undercarriage options and the loader arms with reach and versatility to run attachments such as tree shears, grapples or stump grinders. The machine weighs about 16,300 pounds with the Bull Hog BH85 mulcher and can be used for right-of-way clearing, site prep, firebreaks, forestry applications and more.

Auger boring unit executes large diameter installation projects
American Augers says its 84/96-1300 NG auger boring units let you perform larger diameter installation projects at a lower cost and do projects previously only possible with micro-tunneling machines. The 84/96-1300 NG comes equipped with a 300-horsepower Caterpillar C-7 Tier 3 diesel engine and a 7-speed Eaton T14607A transmission. These features allow the machine to deliver 1,300,000 pounds of maximum thrust and 224,246 foot-pounds of maximum torque. The auger is also equipped with a 5-inch hex and has a working range of 24 to 96 inches.

2D grade control systems eliminate over excavation
Topcon Positioning Systems’ X62 and X42 grade control systems help boost an excavator’s performance in everyday grading applications. The X62 can be used for cutting slopes, excavating trenches for utilities or digging footings and basements. It includes a GX-60 touch screen graphical display and four 360-degree tilt sensors all connected via CANBus configuration. The unit receives GPS and GLONASS signals and can be upgraded to a 3D-GPS-plus indicate control system. The X42 has a low-cost indicate-only system for excavators and backhoes. The system has four tilt sensors, a GX-40 graphical display and a detachable light bar for grade indication.

Heavy-duty engine oil meets CJ-4 standards
Chevron’s Delo 400 LE SAE 10W-30 multi-grade diesel oil is specifically formulated for new low emissions engines running on ULSD. Delo 400 LE has met performance requirements for API CJ-4, in addition to previous oil formulations. The heavy-duty engine oil offers improved performance in wear control for valve-train, bearings, rings and liners, oxidation control, soot dispersion, piston deposit control and oil consumption control.

Submersible pumps available with several options and configurations
Griffin Pump and Equipment’s electric submersible pumps handle flows as low as a few gallons per minute to several hundred gallons per minute, with head conditions to several hundred feet. Available in 120-volt single phase or 460-volt three phase, the fully self-priming pumps feature compact designs for easy handling and are suited for tight working areas. Some models offer run-dry capability.

Prolong filter life through enhanced filtration technology
Donaldson’s Synteq XP filter media uses a resin-free bonding technique to enhance engine and system component protection. As a result, Synteq XP extends filter life by two to three times the life of a traditional cellulose filter, according to the company. Other benefits include lower operating pressure and higher filtration efficiency.

Lightweight shielding system features panel rotating capability
Pro-Tec’s Flexible Lightweight Aluminum Shielding (or FLASH) assembles above ground in about 20 minutes to create an in-the-pit panel rotating system for use in maintaining, repairing and rehabilitating underground pipe in congested areas. The FLASH system comes in two-, three- and four-sided models. The entire shield can be placed in an excavation using a small excavator or backhoe loader. Once in the pit, individual panels can be rotated under existing utility lines from above ground using a long panel release tool. The lightweight, honeycombed aluminum panels range in sizes from 6 inches high by 4 feet long to 2 feet high by 8 feet long.