Engine makers’ group to settle lawsuits with EPA, CARB

The Engine Manufacturers Association announced Wednesday it has agreed to settle several outstanding lawsuits with the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board. As part of the agreement, engine manufacturers will develop and implement a program to test emissions from heavy-duty vehicles and trucks that are in use.

The lawsuits were brought by EMA because of specific emissions standards included in recent EPA and ARB emission control regulations for heavy-duty on-road diesel engines.

The “in-use” testing program will provide information on how the new technology and controls reduce emissions from heavy-duty vehicles under real conditions. The organizations also hope the program will encourage the development of advanced portable emissions testing equipment that will help confirm that in-use vehicles continue to comply with emission standards. EPA will develop the regulations to enforce the in-use testing program, which is expected to be implemented in 2005 truck models.

“The new in-use testing program will help assure that real-world emissions from advanced heavy-duty engines remain at ultra-low levels as they operate throughout the country,” said Jed Mandel, president of EMA.