New retrofit system to be altered for off-road diesels

Fleetguard Emission Solutions announced April 16 a retrofit system that reduces nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions from diesel engines.

The Longview system, which has been installed in approximately 60 dump trucks, refuse trucks, transit buses and long-haul trucks, is expected to be altered for off-road diesel engines in the near future. EPA announced a proposal April 15 that requires off-road diesel engine manufacturers to install new emission controls between 2008 and 2014.

“[This] is only the first step of verification that will follow for other engines,” said Amy Boerger, director of retrofit sales and marketing for Fleetguard Emission Solutions. “We see the applicability of this product being extremely broad as we expand the verification.”

According to Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls, Fleetguard’s development partner, the system reduces nitrogen oxides by 25 percent while reducing particulate matter by 85 percent.

While the reduction system is currently available for on-road use, verified off-road use is likely to follow, Boerger said. In addition to the Longview system, the company’s retrofit line also includes diesel oxidation catalysts and diesel particulate filters, among other products.

To read about EPA’s proposal for off-road diesel engines, click on the link to the right.