Cat’s new C-Series wheeled excavators showcase increased performance

Caterpillar introduces three new C-Series wheeled excavators, the M316C, M318C and M322C. The M316C, a new size in the lineup, delivers 138 net horsepower and has an operating weight of 35,800 to 40,200 pounds.

A new Cat 3056E ATAAC engine provides power for all three models. This electronically controlled engine is turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled to boost performance, reduce emissions and extend piston and cylinder bore life. The engine is integrated with a variable-speed, on-demand cooling fan, which reduces average fan speed, minimizing fuel consumption and noise.

All three excavators have two boom options. The one-piece boom is suited for standard applications such as truck loading, digging and hammer operation. A Variable Angle boom enhances visibility to the right side of the machine, valuable when traveling around a jobsite or in traffic. It also improves the machine balance while traveling and offers maximum flexibility when lifting heavy loads or working in tight quarters.

The two stick options include the medium stick, preferred in situations requiring greater crowd force or lift capacity, and the long stick is best in applications that demand longer reach and more digging depth. Several hydraulic valve options are available to accommodate a broad selection of attachments. A new optional multifunction control can be electronically programmed to set flow, direction, pressure and priority for up to five tools. You can push a button on the cab monitor to select the setting for the desired tool.

Engine oil change intervals have been extended to 500 hours. If you use Cat’s Scheduled Oil Sampling analysis, the hydraulic oil change interval is doubled to 4,000 hours. Coolant lasts up to 6,000 hours between changes when Cat Extended Life Coolant/Anti-freeze is used.