Pinball machine takes K’Nex construction toys to another level
Wayne Grayson | October 24, 2012

You might consider yourself a bit too old to play with construction toys like K’Nex and Legos, but both toys have done a lot over the years in getting kids interested in construction, architecture and engineering.

The creator of this monstrous pinball machine isn’t a kid, as illustrated by the vast complexity of the pinball machine meets Rube Goldberg machine he’s assembled. There aren’t any bumpers or slides on the playing board of the machine, rather all of that fun is saved for the process of returning the ball after it leaves the board.

And if you feel like taking on such a task, the mastermind behind this contraption has even posted instructions on how to build it.

You don’t want to miss the video below.

[youtube Yk6DITeFtlM nolink]

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