No texting while driving … a tractor
Marcia Gruver Doyle | June 11, 2012

While teenagers have been the focus of texting-while-driving bans, Kubota Tractor reminds us it’s also not a good idea for those driving tractors and other heavy equipment. In fact, the company labels them “tractor distractors.”  Instead, says Kubota: pay close attention to the task at hand, avoid all distractions, and take note of all safety practices.

While the focus these days is on texting, using smart phones — glancing down at an email, searching for the right app, even just plain ol’ talking — takes our minds off driving a 4,000-pound vehicle between two straight lines. And now legal issues are cropping up for companies — you may be liable if your employee is conducting your business on his or her phone and has an accident.

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