New Nevada law: It’s OK to run a red light
Tina Grady Barbaccia | October 10, 2013


Tired of waiting for a red light to turn green? Now, if you’re a motorcyclist in Nevada, a new law makes it legal to run red lights.

The law allows those on lightweight two- and three-wheeled vehicles to go on red if a traffic light doesn’t change within two cycles, according to an MSN Autos online report.

However, there are some stipulations. (There always are, aren’t there?)

The rider must first come to a complete stop. The rider also must sit at an intersection for at least two light cycles and there can be no other vehicles around at the time, according to the MSN report.

Behind the law is the reasoning that motorcycles don’t always have the needed weight to trigger traffic light sensors in pavement.

About a dozen other states already allow two- and three-wheeled vehicles to go through red lights, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Nebraska, according to the report.

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