Product Focus – September 2009

Save fuel and reduce engine wear during dewatering applications with Thompson Pump’s hydraulic submersible pump, which features an automatic start/stop.
· Submersible pump end eliminates suction lift limitations
· Handles solids up to 3 inches
· Features 1,580-gpm capacity and 115-feet heads.

Pump trash water at high volume with Honda’s WT Series, which features an easy-starting OHV engine.
· Has full frame protection and a quick release clean out
· Conical-shaped cast iron impeller improves priming
· Replaceable stainless steel wear plates extend pump life.

Pump up to 4-inch solids with Godwin Pumps’ CD500M
Dri-Prime automatic self priming pump.
· Capable of 13,200-gpm flow rates and 208-foot heads
· Features 28 feet of suction lift
· PrimeGuard controller offers programmable operations.

Pump abrasives, slurries, recirculated water and high solid material content with Subaru’s PTX301D diaphragm pump, which isolates the pump mechanism from the fluid.
· Pumps 250 gpm at 21 psi
· Features suction lift of 25 feet and 49-foot lift head
· Shock reducing air cushion chamber decreases shock on the hoses.

Choose from six models of Flygt dewatering pumps from ITT Water and Wastewater, with an output range from 1.2 to 27 horsepower.
· 150 to 1,400 gpm; 40- to 230-foot heads
· DuraSpin hydraulic system and newly designed impeller improves wear resistance
· Fewer components and ergonomic design simplify use and maintenance.

Easily transport Atlas Copco’s Weda pump, which has a compact design for simplified installation.
· Choice of motors from 1 to 85 horsepower; single- or three-phase power options
· Pump up to 270 feet; 5,000 gpm
· Seal system can be replaced in 30 minutes for reduced downtime.

Experience convenience with Magnum’s CH&E MCP7662T diesel trash pump, featuring a simple, easy-to-use control box.
· Has 6-inch inlet/discharge and handles 3-inch spherical solids
· Easy opening clean out with hand screws
· Has a durable 3-vane ductile iron impeller.

Simplify service with Grindex’s submersible pump, which has an impeller adjustable with a single screw.
· Abrasive particles are separated from vulnerable components, minimizing wear
· Closed impeller reduces performance drops in long term use
· Electronic motor guard prevents overheating, incorrect rotation and single phasing.

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