Excavator’s Powerwise engine/hydraulic management system saves fuel
John Deere’s 75D mid-sized hydraulic excavator with conventional boom and 15-foot, 1-inch dig depth weighs in at 17,637 pounds and suits light residential, site development and landscaping duties. Reduced tail swing and 360-degree rotation allow the excavator to fit into tight spaces. A 54-net horsepower diesel engine with a Powerwise engine/hydraulic management system maximizes the 75D’s output, saves fuel and delivers smooth, multi-function operation.

Turn your Beast recycler intoa whole tree chipper
A simple exchange of standard cutterbodies for cutterbodies with knives converts Bandit Industries’ Beast horizontal grinder into a chipping machine. One bolt holds in the knife and counter knife, making it easy to change knives once they become dull. During development testing, a 700-horsepower Model 3680 Beast equipped with the new knives produced 35 tons of material from large diameter hardwood in 30 minutes with little vibration.

Mud pump works with any directional drill brand
American Augers’ P-750/G2 skid-mounted, self-powered mud pump can be used with mud motors, large reamers or whenever more mud volume is needed. Standard features include a Caterpillar C-18 600-horsepower diesel engine, an Eaton RTLO-22918B 10-speed transmission and a quintiplex mud pump with a rated output of 750 gpm and a maximum pressure of 1,500 psi. A liner wash system on the quintiplex pump allows for extended service life to the liquid end of the pump.

Upgraded breaker design allows for smooth oil flow
Comet’s CM Series hydraulic breakers come with seven suspension isolators to lower noise levels, as well as reduce impact to the main carrier during operation. The main body is completely insulated to reduce noise and T100 steel on the breaker’s lower base plate helps protect the unit from damage caused by debris. A dust home chisel provides deeper, heat-treated penetration, and lasts longer than a standard chisel.

Stump harvester process timber with ease
Nye Manufacturing’s XSH5 heavy duty stump harvester slices through stumps, pulls out roots and splits large hardwood logs both lengthwise and crosswise with ease. Built from extra thick quenched and tempered alloy plate, Nye harvesters work on the most demanding jobsites. Features include ripper fangs for hooking and back pulling logs and stumps; oversized, replaceable Tiger Teeth to split stumps efficiently; and an extra thick cutting blade with a hard alloy overlay cutting edge.

Underhood air compressor mounts on driver’s side for easy access
VMAC’s engine-mounted air compressor system for the 2008 GM 6.6-liter 2500/3500 Duramax V8 diesel truck can be housed almost entirely under the hood of the light-duty diesel, providing more space for tools and equipment required onboard. The self-contained VMAC Underhood air compressor uses the truck’s engine and cooling system to save on maintenance fees. The compressor has few moving parts, weighs less than 150 pounds and delivers 70 cfm of air.

Laser scanning software adopts CAD-like familiarity
Leica Geosystems’ Cyclone II TOPO takes the complexity out of creating highly accurate topographic maps from laser scan data. With a simplified CAD-like interface and office automation displays, the Cyclone lets users view, extract and create topographic maps as well as associated cross-section and isometric views. Features include a viewing interface so all views appear simultaneously on a single display and Intelligent-2D-Section View, which automatically shows the area of greatest topographic interest and primary section view orientation.

Gehl solid rubber tires available for telehandlers
Gehl now offers a solid rubber tire option for all its Gehl DL Series and RS Series telescopic handlers. These single-aperture tires will never puncture, blow out or go flat, thus reducing down time and increasing productivity on the jobsite. Solid rubber tires last up to four times as long as standard pneumatic and foam filled tires, according to the company. The tires include extra large tapered lugs for enhanced traction and maximum wear life, a long wearing tread compound that resists cutting and chunking and single-aperture holes, which provide shock absorption for a more comfortable ride.

Engine insulation tolerates temperatures up to 1,800 degrees
Kalb’s HeatBlocker engine exhaust insulation stands up to the rigorous thermal demands of Tier 4 engine exhaust components and aftertreatment devices. Lower exhaust system temperatures help save sensors, wiring and plastic components from thermal damage.

Insulating the manifold, turbochargers, exhaust piping and muffler with HeatBlocker lowers surface temperatures hundreds of degrees, eliminating fires caused by flammable materials coming into contact with engine components and preventing serious injury to employees.

Oil filter withstands tough operating conditions
Wix Filters’ 57791 oil filter provides a proprietary media blend designed to handle the challenges of today’s diesel operating conditions. The 57791 joins the 51791, 51791XD and 51791XE filters, and supplies a combination of application engineered components to meet a variety of needs.

Locator receives ultra low to ultra high frequencies
Rigid’s SeekTech SR-60 utility locator can receive a full range of locatable frequencies, making it compatible with any pre-set frequency transmitter. Expanding on the SR-20 locator, the SR-60 provides additional frequencies and more versatility. Locate at the broad frequency range of 10 Hz to 490 kHz, and tune frequency 1 Hz at a time. Passive search mode allows you to search all broadband passive frequencies at once for easy identification of metallic lines in the target area. An easy-to-read display visually maps the signal, so you can view changes in line direction, depth and signal strength in real time.