Towable earth drill maneuvers easily around jobsites
Little Beaver’s HYD-TB11H towable hydraulic earth drill features forward and reverse auger rotation and a three-position, 180-degree movable handle for drilling next to buildings or other structures. A variable 20-degree auger tilt allows vertical drilling in uneven terrain, while pneumatic wheels avert damage to turf. The drill requires less than 20 pounds of force to pivot to the digging position. The HYD-TB11H’s auger lock eases maneuverability on jobsites, and a “no tools needed” removable tow hitch permits highway transport.

Wheel loader’s engine operates at three power curves
Case Construction Equipment’s 621E wheel loader has an electronically controlled Tier 3 engine that performs at three power curves – max, standard and economy power – to match the demands of applications, while reducing operating costs. For ease of maintenance, the 621E offers fluid-level sight gauges, centralized grease fittings and daily service check points visible from ground level. The loader’s one-piece electric lift hood gives operators and technicians access to the entire engine area. A new cab provides greater operator comfort and visibility.

Drill increases horsepower to muscle through rough conditions
Modeled after the JT2720 Mach 1, Ditch Witch’s extended-range, self-contained JT3020 Mach 1 horizontal directional drill supplies 30,000 pounds of pullback and a 148-horsepower engine that automatically increases horsepower for tough drilling conditions. Bore pilot holes up to 4.5 inches and backream diameters up to 12 inches all at a noise level of less than 82 decibels audible. The JT3020’s rack-and-pinion thrust drive with a double rack is welded on to prevent misalignment, and the double rack distributes the load equally for less wear. All pressure gauges and tracking information have been placed in the line of sight so the operator can still monitor the tool joint. A menu-driven LCD screen provides real-time status of the pipe makeup and breakout cycle.

Compact brush chipper available as single-axle unit
Bandit Industries’ 18-inch capacity hydraulic-feed, drum-style Model 1890XP brush chipper is now available as a single-axle unit with a 180-horsepower engine. The Model 1890XP offers the same high production on a single 12,000-pound axle as the Model 1890HD did with dual axles, but with less overall weight. Fully loaded, the machine weighs approximately 9,600 pounds and is 94 inches wide. Bandit’s patented “power slot” exists in the belly of the chipper to provide proper airflow through the discharge and acts as a slot for remaining chips to escape. The slot improves fuel economy by allowing more velocity out of the chip discharge, which reduces the necessary horsepower required to expel chips.

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Transmission fluid meets industry specs for reliability
Allison Transmission has teamed with ExxonMobil to release Mobil Delvac Synthetic ATF, a fully synthetic Technical Engineering Specification 295 certified automatic transmission fluid formulated to enhance the performance of Allison Automatics operating in severe conditions. The fluid was certified based on the results of several tests, including its resistance to oxidation, viscosity stability, anti-foaming capabilities, extreme temperature performance and anti-wear properties. The Mobil Delvac Synthetic ATF replaces the current severe application ATF sold under the same name and will be sold in drums, pails and gallon containers.

Optional air compressor delivers dry, cool air to aid tool life
Iowa Mold Tooling’s Dominator mechanics trucks now include the optional CAS2545 air system – a 45-cubic-feet-per-minute, hydraulically driven, rotary screw compressor with a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi. The single-stage, pressure-lubricated compressor works for mobile or industrial applications, such as tire service, sandblasting and painting, by providing high-volume air for air tools. The lightweight rotary screw air compressor extends tool life by delivering dry, cool air that doesn’t interfere with lubrication. Additional expanded options on IMT’s trucks include a welder/generator and redesigned drawer sets.

Tire service body can carry up to 10 tires
Constructed with aluminum plank flooring and weighing only 960 pounds, Stellar Industries’ 902 tire service body gives metro and fleet service providers the opportunity to operate a full service tire truck on a single rear wheel gas or diesel engine chassis. The body is 64 inches tall by 79 inches wide, and is 109 inches in length. The 902 can carry up to 10 truck tires and comes with a diesel or gas engine-driven air compressor located in the front center of the truck bed. The compressor uses a heavy-duty bulkhead and cover to protect it from the elements and shifting loads within the bed. It has a removable back gate and lid for easy maintenance.

Turf mat supports vehicles up to 60 tons
Alturnamats’ 3-foot-by-6-foot portable turf mat protects against damage to the turf resulting from vehicles weighing up to 60 tons. Use the 1/2-inch thick mat over soft turf to guard against turf repair costs and reduce the risk of vehicles getting stuck in the mud. The 51-pound mat has two hand slots on each side for easy handling. Available with cleats on both sides, one side or smooth on both sides, the mat can be used for applications such as construction, landscaping, tree care and drilling, or protect against damage to cemeteries and golf courses.

Review project progress, track weather with web cam
OxBlue’s Construction Cameras now offer online time-lapse footage for review of project progress, a weather tracking system for documenting site conditions for project duration, an interactive slideshow for review of the current status from all of your jobsites and the project dashboard for easy access to every project. The time-lapse movies are available in any format required by the client, from small video clips for the web to high-definition DVDs for presentation and archiving. Because of the wide range of user requirements, OxBlue has two versions of the user interface – OxBlue Standard for general monitoring and light project management, and OxBlue Pro for intensive project management controls, productivity improvements, claims/dispute resolution and warranty management.

Mini thumb comes in three different lengths
Blue Diamond’s compact hydraulic thumb series can be coupled with small backhoes or compact excavators for tough applications. These 9-inch thumbs have 1/2-inch serrated tines with solid plate between them. The 20-inch stroke cylinder has a 3-inch bore diameter and 3,000 psi rating. The series comes in three different lengths, with sizes ranging from 24, 28 or 34 inches.

Storage chests offer increased security features
As part of Knaack’s Secure Jobsite Storage line, Jobmaster and Storagemaster chests offer new features such as the three-point latch with Watchman IV Lock System, Power Pass Electrical Pass-Thru and reinforced lock box and hinges. The three-point latch provides extra protection against break-ins from pry bars, bolt cutters and hack saws, while the Power Pass enables easy power cord access and has a rubber grommet covering. Seven-gauge steel reinforces the lock box area and larger hinges on the chest, and increases protection against theft. These features are available on Storagemaster model numbers 69, 79, 89, 90 and 91, as well as Jobmaster 4824, 4830, 60, 42, 36, 32 and 2472.