Product focus: Truck bodies

Truck bodies designed to accommodate telescopic crane
Stellar Industries’ T1, T2 and T3 mechanic service bodies come with an isolated crane compartment incorporated into the substructure of the body. This design distributes the lifting stresses to the outriggers and the truck frame rather than the rest of the service body. It also allows full access to all compartments since the doors are not under stress. The body has a powder-coated boom rest, outriggers and tailgate and is made of 12-gauge and 14-gauge, two-sided, A-40 galvanneal steel. It features a “return flange” floor design and all stainless steel continuous hinge. (The T3 body with the Stellar 14528 crane is pictured.)

Allows 16,000-foot-pound crane with full capacity around entire lifting radius
When equipped with the proper outrigger set, the Titan 16 crane service body by Auto Crane doesn’t require you to de-rate crane capacity. The one-piece, side-pack design, constructed of 14-gauge galvanneal and an internal hinge, provides both strength and corrosion resistance. The body comes standard with an integrated crane box, a bed that has no wheel wells, four flush-mounted tie downs, advanced T-handle door latches and a tailgate that can be operated with one hand. Radius corners and double-panel doors also add strength to the crane body.

Perform midsize equipment maintenance, lifting with ease
Iowa Mold Tooling’s DSC20 crane body, rated for up to a 20,000 foot-pound crane, is capable of using the IMT2020 telescopic crane. The body comes with a hidden door/hinge system that reduces potential rust problems and prevents tampering, and the rear bumper is integrated into the outrigger structure. A floor structure features side packs specifically designed for the DSC20 body. The door panel fits flush to the body with a uniform gap around the door. This gives the body the freedom to flex without binding the doors and allows the door to swing open 110 degrees.

Fight rust with Northlander package
The Northlander is available as an optional package on any body configuration Dakota Bodies manufacturers, and puts stainless steel in the areas most susceptible to rust and corrosion. The company also specializes in building custom bodies with owner-specified compartment heights, depths, widths, latches and gauges of steel. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, all standard or custom bodies use A-60 galvanneal construction and tread plate compartment tops, 8.2-pound structural steel frames and rotary latches with adjustable strikers.

Integral dirt-shedding horizontal bracing enhances appearance
Stahl Commercial Truck Equipment’s 2/3- and 3/4-yard Champion dump bodies come in 9-foot and 11-foot models. Featuring a bolt-on installation design, the bodies require no welding to the truck chassis. Other offerings include a complete bolt-on ICC bumper, along with receiver and pintle options. Integral horizontal bracing that sheds dirt off the body’s gate and sides strengthens the unit. The double-wall construction, seamless center floor and stacked understructure increase durability.

Signature Series offers four body types
Maintainer’s Signature Series includes the 6000 Series tall tower crane on an 11-foot body, the 10000 Series tall tower crane on an 11-foot body, the 12000 Series tall tower crane on a 14-foot body and a 2-ton lube body. The lube body has a closed-center, load-sensing hydraulic system; 25-cfm hydraulic air compressor; used-filter bin plumbed into the evacuation system; a 650-gallon diesel fuel tank; four oil tanks; a 60-gallon antifreeze tank; and 150-gallon evacuation tank.

Truck body has easy access, versatile work area
Service Trucks International’s Eagle Pro II Model 2460 service body is mated with the new 1061 Tiger Crane. The body features 24-inch-deep-by-60-inch-tall cabinets mounted low to provide easy access. A 22-inch workbench with a 3-inch clamping lip, vise mount and full through storage provides a rugged, versatile work area. The crane has a 62,000-foot-pound rating, 21-foot hydraulic reach, a line speed of 60 feet per minute, proportional wireless control, integrated absolute filtration and Auto II load-sensing control on all functions.