Excavator series reduces vibration, balances engine power
Both Volvo EC160C and EC210C C-series excavators’ onboard computers balance maximum available power and hydraulic output, preventing engine overload. Selectable hydraulic flow and pressure increases performance and the C-Series’ suspension system reduces operator body vibration and fatigue. The CareTrack GPS monitoring system tracks machine location, fuel usage, operation hours and sets machine use limits. A variety of quick-fit systems are also available for changing attachments.

Crane body dominates heavy work load
Iowa Mold Tooling’s Dominator IV crane body handles an 80,000-foot per pound crane. The unit has been enhanced to include increased workspace, greater accessibility to tools and improvement to operator’s mobility around the vehicle. IMT has also developed the 8025, a new telescopic crane designed to accompany the redesigned truck body. Enhanced features on the Dominator IV include improved access to tools and parts, an inverted A-frame floor structure that reduces body weight, three-point door latches that require less force to open and close the door, rain eaves over the compartment doors, a 24-inch workbench bumper with increased storage capacity and an overhang at the rear for clamping. The Dominator has improved rear LED taillights visibility and sidepacks for greater storage. Other IMT telescopic cranes compatible with the Dominator IV are the 5525 (55,000 feet per pound), 6025 (60,000 feet per pound), 6625 (66,000 feet per pound) and 7025 (70,000 feet per pound).

Engine offers new standards and four displacement options
John Deere Power Systems will produce the PowerTech E off-highway diesel engines in 2007. These Tier 3 engines offer improved performance and four displacement options. The 6.8-liter engine has a 140- to-200-horsepower range, the 4.5-liter engine has an 85- to-140 horsepower range, the 3-liter unit offers 65 to 99 horsepower and the 2.4-liter engine offers 60 to 80 horsepower. In comparison with Tier 2 models, these units have more low-speed torque and better fuel economy. In addition, their electronic controls enable improved cold-start performance, precise engine-speed control and torque-curve shaping.

Trowel offers the choice of a gasoline or diesel engine
The converter clutch system on Allen Engineering’s SP425 series trowel provides torque for floating with pans and finishing. Standard features include power or manual steering, the choice of a 34-horsepower, liquid-cooled gasoline or turbo diesel Vanguard engine, and two 46-inch diameter, 5-blade non-overlapping rotors with speeds of up to 165 rpm. Other features include heavy-duty gearboxes, a driveline with an electric-powered spray system for retardant application, a flip-up seat and removable screens for engine, clutch and drive-line accessibility.

Partner Insights
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Cut anywhere within an excavator’s reach
ProGrind Systems’ Pro Head Series 50 grinder allows you to cut anywhere within an excavator’s reach. The grinder’s 50-by-26-inch smooth drum head has a heavy steel welded chipper frame and housing, plus a trap door to the rear. The Series 50’s fixed carbide teeth chip trees, brush or stumps and performs in other applications such as commercial site prep, right-of-way jobs and in areas that don’t support rubber tires. The grinder also has a 350-to-440-horsepower Caterpillar power pack that operates with a 152-gallon per minute flow rate at 5,200 psi. The grinder has two grease points and features easy access to maintenance points for changing filters and fluid.

Precision is key with two new grade lasers
Trimble’s Spectra Precision GL412 Single Grade and GL422 Dual Grade offer horizontal level, grade and vertical plumb setup with no manual leveling and they send a continuous, self-leveled 360-degree laser reference over an entire work area. Both lasers feature a two-way, full-function remote control with built-in backlit grade display allowing the operator to use both the remote control and laser keypad – including grade reverse on both axes – up to 330 feet from the laser. The GL412 and GL422 lasers are compatible with both the company’s HR550 laser receiver at a 2,600-foot operating diameter and with its CR600 Laser. The lasers self-level in both horizontal and vertical modes in a wide variety of general contractor applications, including grading and excavating, vertical alignment and plumb for anchor bolt installation, tilt-up and curtain wall plumbing, concrete sections with runoff for sports fields, tennis courts and driveways, steep slope road embankments and ditch banks and parking garages, ramps and drainage.

Telehandler’s transmission allows precise maneuvering
Manitou North America’s MT 732 utility telehandler features a Perkins 84-horsepower naturally aspirated engine with low-end torque. The telehandler’s load placing system controls feature dual-linked construction and agricultural-style loader joysticks. A standard torque converter transmission with electro-hydraulic reversing allows precise maneuvering while providing maximum torque to the drive wheels. The MT 732 has four forward and four reverse gears and a standard auxiliary hydraulic circuit with a flow rate of 28 gallons per minute at 3,600 pounds per square inch.

Bucket tears into the ground with an aggressive tooth design
Blue Diamond’s Extreme Stumpbucket tears up ground in a hurry with a 1/2-inch steel tooth measuring 56 inches long and additional replaceable teeth. It’s built to make stump removal easier and leave a smaller hole to backfill. The Stumpbucket can cut waterways, trenches and culverts and is also designed as an attachment for landscaping applications, nursery work and tree setting and removal.

Automatic transmission fluid works with domestic and foreign vehicles
Citgo’s Transgard Multi-Purpose ATF works with General Motors and Ford electronically-controlled transmissions and foreign cars and trucks requiring Dexron-III, Dexron-IIIE, Dexron-II and Mercon-type fluids. The Transgard features friction and oxidation control, foam and aeration suppression, wear protection, cold weather protection, seal compatibility and meets the performance requirements for the Allison Transmission Division. The company recommends the transmission fluid for use in 2006 automatic transmissions except for those requiring Ford Type F Fluid, Mercon SP, Mercon V, Dexron VI and CVT fluids.

Hold it all together with epoxy adhesive
Hilti’s RE 500-SD epoxy adhesive anchors offer a strength-design approach for chemical anchoring, rebar supports or threaded rod applications. At room temperature, RE 500-SD’s formula allows a 30-minute approximate working time and a 12-hour approximate cure time. In addition, the adhesive anchor is designed for installation in a base material temperature range of 23 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Once cured, it can withstand harsh temperatures. This epoxy adhesive provides reliable fastenings with holes drilled by diamond coring equipment, pneumatic air drills or rotary hammers. For dispensing epoxy and adhesives, Hilti’s ED 3500 offers mortar injection and provides pressure without the need for a heavy compressor.