Aftermarket Options: Specialty tires and tire products

Holes in flatproof tire help cushion ride
The Nu-Air Tyre semi-pneumatic tire technology from McLaren Industries eliminates flats while providing a cushioned ride. Strategically placed holes throughout the sidewalls prevent cuts and snags and create a cushioned ride for your machine. The Nu-Air Tyre is designed for skid steers and backhoes and provides one-third more rubber and twice the tread depth of a standard pneumatic tire for enhanced traction in snow, sand or deep mud. According to the company, the tire has an average life expectancy of up to 1,000 hours – three to five times the life of a pneumatic tire. The custom-fit rim, which is included with the tire, offers easy insatallation. The tire also works well with over-the-tire tracks due to its shock absorption ability.

Poly liner offers lightweight option
Arnco’s QuikGel self-sealing polyurethane liner provides protection from punctures up to 5/16 inch in diameter and is a lighter alternative to the company’s other flatproofing materials. The new liner offers coverage to the middle of the sidewall and has extra shoulder coverage for lateral punctures, optimized coverage in high risk areas and maximum protection in the tread area.

Buttressed shoulder fights tire cuts
Slippage and tire cuts are a frequent source of damage to scraper tires. Bridgestone Firestone Off Road tire attacked this problem by buttressing the shoulder on its V-Steel L-Traction radial tire. The design also im-proves rider comfort. The VLT is available in three sizes: 33.25R29, 37.25R35 and 40.5/75R39.

Tough, high-traction tread hauls scrapers through hazardous sites
Motorized scrapers can bull through soft underfoot conditions better than any machine, but those wet conditions, studded with buried rocks, rebar or landscape debris, also pose a threat to tires. With the addition of its XRS radial tire, the first E4 radial scraper tire in the market, Michelin Earthmover Group offers extra tread and sidewall protection for these difficult applications. Available in 37.25R35 and 37.5R39 sizes, the XRS also has a deep, non directional tread pattern that enhances traction and reduces slippage.

Durability lowers costs, adds to uptime
With a shortage drawing down inventories of tires for large machines, Bridgestone Firestone Off Road Tires has developed its V-Steel Quarry Premium radial tire for rigid haul trucks. The VRQP is designed for high traction and durability, which not only helps you mitigate the effects of the shortage, but reduces cost per mile and maintenance costs as well. The tires are available in two sizes: 2400R35 and 1800R33.

On-road, off-road; now you don’t have to choose
Goodyear has introduced two new tires for vocational trucks that handle mixed service conditions – giving you the traction necessary in an off road tire and the durability and speed of a highway tire. The G287 MSA delivers up to 40 percent more miles to removal than the G286 it replaces. With its improved belt package, wide footprint and flat tread radius it has up to 20 percent better cornering and grip, and the ability to handle heavy loads and high speeds. The high-mileage tread compound improves wet traction up to 15 percent. The Goodyear G288 MSA tire replaces the Unisteel G286 and provides up to 30 percent more miles to removal, a 19 percent increase in tread volume and 18 percent better resistance to cutting, chipping and tearing. The G288’s open lug design provides ample tread edges for grip and will be available with Goodyear’s DuraSeal – a gel-like compound built into the liner of the tire and designed to instantly seal punctures up to 1/4 inch in diameter.

Flatproofing poly fill preserves tires’ characteristics
When you need a good ride, footprint and flotation, the SuperFlex soft fill polyurethane fill material for off-road tires from Arnco allows your tires to function normally while offering protection against flats. It cushions the operator and machine from vibration and jolting, increases tire life, adds ballast and maintains proper pressure and footprint. The liquid is pumped into the tire by a certified dealer and cures into a soft, rubber-like material that fills the tire. The product works in any tire with a sound casing, and can be used in tires for skid steers, mining machines, graders and trenchers.