Get updated on aerial lift standards with Genie’s “Ask Me Anything” event

Marcia Doyle
Updated Jan 22, 2017

Screen Shot 2017 01 17 At 9 31 30 AmDo you have questions about the how new ANSI and CSA standards will affect aerial lift standards will affect equipment, service and training. Genie’s “Ask Me Anything” event, to be held Jan. 23-27, is designed to answer them, and more.

The AMA event uses social media messaging to have a conversation with customers and other interested parties. Under the planned AMA, a Genie expert will post a message on a topic and then open it up for any and all questions. The AMA format, introduced several years ago, has been gaining popularity, says Genie, due to its ability to allow users to get information directly from industry experts.

How will it work?

An open-ended AMA prompt will be posted to a new landing page on the Genie Aerial Pros site, and simultaneously shared on Jan. 23 on social media  to prompt questions. The post will stay open for questions and comments through Jan. 27th. Genie will post responses from its team members, including engineering and safety experts.

The initial goal of the Genie AMA event will be to educate customers about the significant changes coming in the North American aerial industry standards in 2017 (ANSI A92 and CSA B354) and how these changes apply to the company’s lift equipment. The company will also post additional information and resources on its website.