Marketplace: December 2012



Bobcat’s mid-size 500 series includes seven skid steers and compact track loaders, all which feature improved serviceability and a more comfortable cab. The S510 and S550 skid steers and T550 compact track loaders offer radial lift for applications such as dumping over obstacles, backfilling or loading trucks, while the S530, S570 and S590 skid steers and T590 compact track loader has vertical lift for lifting heavy loads. All seven models feature a cab-forward design that moves the operator closer to the attachment for improved visibility compared to previous models. Additional cab enhancements include a large cab door opening with lowered threshold, increased cab height for additional headroom and larger windows, as well as a 10 percent increase in overall cab size. Routine maintenance has been simplified via easy check points and convenient service access. Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit




Reduce maintenance and downtime with the Model 2550XP self-propelled stump grinder from Bandit Industries, which features beltless hydrostatic direct-drive, eliminating the need for a clutch, jackshaft, drive belt, belt tensioning system and other components associated with a traditional belt drive. Available with up to 44 horsepower, the stump grinder cuts at a maximum depth of 13.5 inches with a 50-inch swing arc. Machine features include rubber chip curtains on the operator’s console and the machine for improved chip containment. A swing-out operator’s station provides the controls for the drive system, cutter wheel swing and up and down cutter head movements, while still positioning the operator for the best view of the grinding action. The 2550XP has standard flotation tires and engine options including 35- or 38-horsepower gasoline or 35- or 44-horsepower diesel engines. Available options include a four-wheel-drive system, wireless remote control with tether backup and a hydraulic grading blade for cleanup after stump removal. Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit



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The Charles Machine Works has added the Ditch Witch FX50 vacuum excavator, useful for a variety of cleanup

and excavation tasks. The FX50 is designed for debris removal, horizontal directional drill support and soft excavation tasks such as potholing. The 49-horsepower vacuum excavator can be customized with a choice of tank sizes and trailer configurations, as well as a choice of four spoils tank sizes ranging from 300- to 1,200-gallon capacities, and four water tank sizes between 80 and 500 gallons. A standard hydraulic tank door opens fully to maximize spoils removal efficiency. The unit can also be configured with an optional reverse flow feature that enables easy offloading of fluid spoils. The FX50 has a Tuthill 1,020-cfm blower and a 3,000-psi, 5-gpm flow water system. Available options include hydraulic booms, water heaters and hydraulic valve exercisers. Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit 




Handle demolition applications at heights with Volvo Construction Equipment’s high reach excavators – the 69-foot, 2-inch reach EC380DHR and the 89-foot, 9-inch reach EC480DHR. Both models can be fitted with high reach and standard digging boom configurations via the Volvo base boom modular joint system, which enables switching equipment is as little as 30 minutes. Standard features include cylinder guards that protect rods and cylinders from falling object damage; swing ring protection guard, frame-mounted falling object guard; bolt-on side impact protection system to protect the superstructure; total moment indicator system to detect overload; hydraulically retractable undercarriage with cylindrical design; and more. Both models have a Volvo D13 Tier 4 Interim engine, higher main hydraulic pressure, better hydraulic flow and increased swing speed, travel speed, arm tear-out and bucket breakout forces. The cab features low interior sound levels and hydraulically tilts to 30 degrees, reducing neck strain and operator fatigue.  Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit




East Manufacturing’s new all-aluminum tarp storage box is built into the floor of the upper or lower deck, offering safe and convenient access and saving time when tarping loads. Depth configurations vary based on the drop at the neck and beam depth of the drop deck trailer, and can be placed in either deck, or in both. The upper deck storage box measures 35 inches long by 13 inches wide, with a maximum depth of 22 inches. The lower deck box measures 49 1/2 inches long by 42 1/2 inches wide with a 21-inch maximum depth.  Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit




Simformotion has released a Cat Simulators M-Series Motor Grader System, a simulation trainer set in a road construction environment that enables operators to learn the same machine applications they will find on the jobsite. The simulations enable new operators to learn without using fuel or pulling a machine from a jobsite, as well as allowing the operators to make mistakes without damaging a machine or creating a safety issue. The M-Series Motor Grader System lessons include: Controls Familiarization, Machine Walkaround, Straight Frame Operation, Articulated Turning, Crab Steering, Rough and Finish Grading, V-Ditching, Ripping and Scarifying. An Open Training mode is also included. SimU Campus software records and reports the results of the simulation sessions, allowing instructors and users to track progress, and identify areas that need attention. The operator’s performance is measured against benchmarks set by expert Caterpillar operators.  Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit




Improve metalworking safety with the Walter Safety App from Walter Surface Technologies, available for iPhones and the iPad. The app provides a range of easily accessible safety information, including an abrasives speed chart that provides maximum rpm for abrasives discs based on diameter; grinding angles, a drill bits speed chart that provides the optimal drilling rpm based on drill bit diameter and type of material and an annular core cutter speed chart that provides recommended rpm based on cutter diameter and material. The app also features a unit converter for length, area, volume, speed, mass and temperature, as well as a flashlight and a level. The Walter Safety App is available in the App Store.  Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit




Landoll’s Traveling Tail Series trailers now feature a newly redesigned air-operated upper deck ramp. The air-operated ramp enables easy transitioning from the lower to the upper decks on the 900 Series. The frames have been redesigned to accommodate the longer ramp, previously available only on the 930 double drop frame. The longer ramp is now 70.5 inches long, reducing the load angle to 11.5 degrees. The new lower load angle allows the operator to load low clearance equipment onto the upper deck easily and safely, without high centering.  Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit




Speed up hole digging with General Equipment’s 4450 Series earth augers, which has a new, simpler configuration for attaching the screw bit for a faster installation process. Instead of a drive lug, the new screw bit has a male shaft that slides into the end of the earth auger, reducing the chance of damage or breakage. The one-piece integral assembly is cast from steel to lengthen service life, and the auger has improved tooth position and location, with a range of tooth configuration options.  Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit







Trimble’s Spectra Precision QM55 and QM95 Quick Measure handheld laser distance meters, deliver the ability to perform one-person distance measurements. A complete set of functions for the QM55 include area, volume, continuous measure, indirect measure and stakeout. The QM95 is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and has a measurement distance of up to 650 feet with +/- 1.0mm accuracy. Both units offer 5-foot drop protection and fit in a pocket. Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit





Choose from two configurations with the Prentice/Epsilon line of self-loaders, available in an L-boom standard configuration or a Z-boom that allows the operator to fold and stow the loader during transport without the need to disconnect the attachment. A range of boom lengths and capacities are available for each type. The H-frame self-loaders provide a smooth range of motion at a consistent speed, eliminating the need to drag the load. An Epscope extension system has a 34-foot reach and high speed chain drive. For protection, components and hoses are mounted internally, and the Epslink link-rotator combination has a strong four-eye link for improved performance. The self-loader also features a one-piece solid cast support column, as well as a double rack slewing system to control rotation instead of a turntable motor.  Text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit