$1.25 billion bond sale brings 2,000 workers back to work

Although lawmakers reluctantly approved a $1.25 billion bond sale to refinance bridge and road projects in New Jersey, the move will bring more than 2,000 construction workers to work, according to an Oct. 5 report from NewJerseyNewsroom.com.

The decision by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (D) to stop state-funded public works until Democrats in the Legislature approve the bond sale and their initial reluctance to support it, led to work stoppages on Oct. 4 at as many as 100 major and minor road and bridge repair projects and design activity on 200 others, according to the report.

Not all Democrats were in favor of the bond sale. Sen. Paul Sarlo (D-Bergen), the panel’s co-chairman, abstained from the 4 to 1 vote after a nearly two-hour hearing, saying, “This is a silly mistake. The governor has criticized the Legislature, both Democrats and Republicans for the same action we are taking here today,” according to the online report.