What Would Rep. Mica do?

Interested in what Rep. John L. Mica (R-FL), the Republican Leader of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, has to say?He’ll give a keynote speech entitled “Confusion Reigns for Nation’s Transportation and Stimulus Projects” during Thursday’s session of the 12th annual Transportation and Infrastructure Summit in Irving, Texas.

Rep. Mica’s office released a press release that he will address conflicting Congressional and Administration priorities for reauthorizing SAFETEA-LU (which expires Sept. 30), why he thinks there’s a need to replace what he calls “the increasingly obsolete federal gasoline tax” as the primary source of revenue for the Highway Trust Fund, and lays in the transportation project approval process.

Mica also will address what he thinks is “the failure of the stimulus to create the jobs promised by the Administration.”

WHO: U.S. Rep. John L. Mica (R-FL), Republican Leader,
House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

WHAT:12th Annual Transportation and Infrastructure Summit
Keynote Speech

WHEN: 12:45 p.m. CT, Thursday, Aug. 13, 2009

WHERE: Las Colinas Ballroom
Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas
221 E. Las Colinas Blvd.
Irving, Texas 75039

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