Power Curbers’ post-hole attachment reduces time, labor

The post-hole digger attachment for the Power Curber 5700 series curb and gutter machines saves time and labor while digging pier holes for slip-forming wire rope fence foundations.

The attachment mounts on the left rear of the machine and digs holes up to 34 inches deep in seconds. The auger operates inside a cylinder, moving dirt upward onto a hinged chute that catches the excavated material before it hits the ground and dumps it out of the way. This eliminates the need for a crew member to move the dirt out of the way and keeps material from getting into the pier holes, leaving them clean for the slip-form application.

After the holes are dug, the Power Curber then slip-forms the foundation, filling the holes with concrete as it passes over them. The machine’s vibrators strengthen the concrete to ensure that no voids are left inside. A crew member can then insert tubes and steel posts into the pier hole and string wire rope between the posts.

The digger is powered with the machine’s auger conveyor circuit and the driveway knife circuit controls the plunge function up and down. Standard auger diameters are 12 and 15 inches, although other diameters are available. A stop rod is available for the attachment for consistency of hole depth.

For more information on the post-hole digger attachment and other attachments for the Power Curber 5700 series, visit the Power Curber website.