Leica introduces three new construction lasers

Leica Geosystems’ three new lasers can be used for flat, single or dual grade and interior applications. Leica’s Rugby 260SG, 270SG and 280DG models are each equipped with a large LCD display and an easy-to-use keypad.

The Leica Rugby 260SG is a self-leveling horizontal laser featuring up to 10 percent semi-automatic single grade with digital readout. The 260SG’s visible red beam laser has a working range of up to 2,000 feet in diameter.

The Leica Rugby 270SG is a fully automatic, single-grade laser that features head speed control, beam masking and a working range of up to 2,350 feet in diameter. It comes with the same platform as the 260SG.

The Leica Rugby 280 DG is a fully automatic, dual-grade laser that features a bright red beam, plumb bean, scan, mode, horizontal and vertical self-leveling, and dual grade capability up to 15 percent in both axes. The 280DG also comes standard with a full function two-way remote control.