Volvo Rents continues Hardhat Comedy Tour

Volvo Rents has scheduled upcoming dates for the Hardhat Comedy Tour, a charitable program that gathers donated items for the needy. The next stops on the tour are:

Tampa, Florida — July 8
Atlanta, Georgia — July 14
Ferndale, Washington — July 17
Denver, Colorado — July 22
Albany, New York — September 19
Bryan/College Station, Texas — October 2

Additional dates for Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina; East Edmonton, Alberta and Shreveport, Louisiana, will be announced later in the year. Volvo Rents is in the early planning stage for events to be held in Rochester, New York; Jessup, Maryland and Houston, Texas. Boston, Massachusetts and Birmingham, Alabama, may also host an event before year-end.

Volvo Rents organizes and sponsors comedians who provide the entertainment at the events. The primary audience has been those associated with the construction industry, but all members of the local community are welcomed to attend. Carmen “The Construction Comic” Ciricillo, Jerry Carroll, Julie Scoggins, Ed Fox, Larry Weaver, Matt Kazam and other comics have participated in the events.

Hardhat Comedy Shows are typically organized around charitable giving. To gain admission, attendees must bring donated items to support a charitable organization. The comedy show in Asheville, North Carolina, raised more than one ton of non-perishable food items for Manna Food Bank, a local foundation providing meals for those in need. “We could not be more pleased with the local response to this important charitable relief program,” said Barry Natwick, President and CEO of Volvo Rents. “Some 20 cities across the country will have benefitted from our brand of ‘comic relief’ via the Hardhat Comedy Show by the end of this year.”

For more information or to register to attend, visit or