Note to governors: Build the roads, business will come

Haywood County, Tennessee was listed as one of the top five contenders for Toyota’s Tundra pickup assembly plant. Had it been chosen the community would have reaped 11,000 jobs and a direct payroll estimated to be more than $130 million a year. But it lost out. Why?

Haywood County’s site was overlooked because it was not ready for construction, said Matt Kisber, commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development. “The biggest obstacle that site has had,” he said, “is that it takes too long to get the necessary infrastructure in place.”

From the article at the link it sounds like Governor Phil Bredesen isn’t going to let that happen again. Despite all the environmental/green investments Kool-Aide being drunk in Washington these days, if you want to stimulate the economy, do it the old-fashioned way–build roads.