Lightweight and compact robotic prism series with mounts now offered by Topcon

Topcon’s A7 prism series allows the ability to mount a GPS receiver on top of the A7 prism for an integrated robotic and GPS rover solution. Additional accessories, including a regular top mount and a side-mounting option for the RC-3R, are also available.

Multiple configurations are available with the A7 series. The integrated GPS mount and A7 prism pole can be used in a GPS network for real-time coordinates that a robotic instrument can then use for resection. With a full-size canister prism and RC-3R side-mount, the unit can take prism shots through vegetation, wetland flag markers and other obstructed views. The A7 can be mounted inverted on a prism pole. By having the ability to mount the prism closer to the ground, construction stakeout can be done with greater precision. The RC-3R side-mount can be connected at several angles, allowing high or low vertical angles of transmission.