T-Brace helps create safer, longer and more rigid walk-boards

T-Brace’s patented design increases the span and firmness of walk-boards and scaffolding planks on jobsites. The brace can be used with pump jacks, ladder jacks, sawhorses, site-built riggings, and other various scaffolding systems. T-Brace creates a t-beam by inserting a 2-by-10-foot board horizontally in the top opening of the brace, and a 2-by-6-foot board in the bottom of the brace. This design allows for longer spans between supports, often doubling or tripling the length of the walk-board without intermediate bracing. T-Brace’s transportable 3.3-pound braces are made of powder-coated steel and can withstand up to 500 pounds. A set of 12 T-Braces that builds four 16-foot walk-boards can be stored on a 30-inch 2-by-4.