Product Report: Crush factor

If you need to streamline all of your site prep tasks – or recycle materials – a multi-tasking attachment could be just the ticket. That’s the idea behind FAE’s Rock Devil STCL/SSL attachment, which rolls several crushing capabilities into one package. Simply attach it to a high-flow skid steer and pulverize, grind and chip a variety of materials, including rock, concrete, asphalt, wood or brick.

Unlike rakes, grapples or single-purpose crushers, this multi-material handling attachment transforms leftover materials into usable fill right on site. “Users don’t have to worry about hauling materials, dump site fees or added truck fuel costs,” explains David Wallace, owner of Wallace Machinery and an FAE dealer.

The Rock Devil attaches easily to your skid steer with five provided hydraulic hoses and works with both open- or closed-loop hydraulic systems. It also includes a standard mounting plate, a psi gauge and is available in two different widths.

With a working width of 58 inches, the Rock Devil STCL/SSL 150 weighs 2,667 pounds and has 28 fixed carbide teeth, while the 175 model features a working width of 68 inches, weighs 2,933 pounds and comes with 34 fixed carbide teeth. An adjustable counter blade and a rear discharge door allows you to control the size and flow of finished material. While operating, you can adjust the attachment or shut off operation completely from inside the skid steer’s cab.

The crusher’s side skids bring materials in to the rotor, which turns at 800 rpm. Heavy duty carbide teeth, a Hardox steel crushing blade and fixed carbide hammers then break up materials as large as 6 to 8 inches in diameter. If needed, the Rock Devil will also grind roots and/or other materials, such as stumps, up to 6 inches deep.

“The Rock Devil crushes materials as little as 1 inch in diameter, grinding them down to a fine powder if necessary – just adjust the attachment head,” says Jay Styers, senior product manager, FAE.

The Rock Devil/skid steer combination fits into tight quarters, making it useful for creating fill for a number of jobs, including driveways, playground sand and bike paths.