Book illustrates history of interstate system

The U.S. interstate highway system has a story to tell and author Dan McNichol hopes to spread the word in his new book “The Roads That Built America.”

The book explains the history of this intricate highway system, from its origins in a primitive road conceived by George Washington to the constantly evolving 42,795 mile highway network that binds the country together today. McNichol chronicles this interstate evolution and explains how the highway system has changed the fabric of American life in the process.

McNichol, the grandson of a highway contractor, is the best-selling author of two books about Boston’s “Big Dig” project. He served as a special assistant to former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Andy Card and has appeared on National Public Radio, the Discovery Channel and the History Channel.

You can order “The Roads That Built America” from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association for $16, plus shipping and handling. It’s for sale at