Rear-engine PTO, proprietary axles among Sterling model line upgrades

Sterling Trucks has announced several updates to its A-Line, L-Line and Acterra trucks and tractors. Among these upgrades are a new line of proprietary front- and rear-axle systems. The new front axle can provide up to a 28-pound weight savings over similarly spec’d competitive units, the company says. Service needs and downtime are reduced because the new axles’ kingpins are supported by needle bearings instead of bushings and roll instead of rub when being steered. Sterling’s rear axle offerings include single and tandem models with up to 128-pound weight savings compared to similar units. Precision gears have been designed to deliver more torque to the wheels.

Later this year, Sterling will add the Mercedes-Benz MBE 4000 engine with a rear-mounted power takeoff option (REPTO). This PTO is ideal for concrete mixer applications and features a 1-to-24.1 output shaft ratio, no added engine length and a 10 o’clock output location. The MBE 400 with REPTO is gear-driven off the rear of the engine camshaft and is an integral part of the flywheel housing. Also new from Sterling Trucks: Cummins ISC engines in L-Line trucks; enhanced 12,000-pound taper-leaf front suspension for all Sterling Class 7 and 8 models; and 13,500-pound Hendrickson Composilite ST steerable pusher axles on L-Line and Acterra models.