Skid steer’s dump and rollback angles move more material faster

Komatsu’s largest skid steer, the SK1026-5, weighs 8,068 pounds and uses an 84-horsepower engine and a self-leveling, vertical-lift bucket with 5,400 pounds of breakout force. The 40-degree-dump and 28-degree-rollback angles of the bucket allow for faster dump cycles and better load retention over rough terrain. The company’s HydrauMind hydraulic system comes standard and allows simultaneous machine functions without sacrificing speed, engine power or performance. The auxiliary hydraulic circuit puts out 21 gallons per minute, and an additional “super flow” circuit cranks out 34 gpm, both at a maximum pressure of 3,045 psi. Two-speed travel allows for shift-on-the-go speed changes between the 6.5-mph work speed and a 10-mph travel speed.