Truck-mounted unit cranks out electricity, air and welding

American Eagle’s Genesis HPB 37 mounts in the bed of a service truck and cranks out power for welding, jobsite electricity and compressed air from a hydraulic tap on the truck PTO. The system has a 250-amp DC welder with 100-percent duty cycle, a 37-cfm/100-psi compressor and a 110-kilo-volt-ampere alternator putting a maximum of 8.5 kilowatts into one 230-volt/3-phase/20-amp receptacle, one 230-volt/single-phase/20-amp receptacle and two 110-volt/20-amp GFCI duplex receptacles. Measuring 48 inches by 36 inches by 29 inches, the Genesis HPB 37 takes up less room than three separate components and weighs just 1,050 pounds.

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