Junkyard Wars to feature bulldozer episode

Pitting man against machine and brawn against imagination, The Learning Channel’s hit show, Junkyard Wars, will feature an episode on March 26 in which two teams will have to build functioning bulldozers out of spare car parts in only 10 hours.

Characterized by its passionate teammates scrounging through the TV-set junkyard for the perfect part, the show has required teams to construct boats, dune buggies, submarines, washing machine catapults and off-road golf carts. Team members are required to use anything they can find – from duct tape to an old bathtub, to construct various contraptions.

In the bulldozer episode titled “Car Dozers,” the two teams — the Pacific Northwest’s Big Shots and North Dakota’s High Flyers — will attempt to build the strongest and biggest bulldozer time permits. During the one-hour show, each team develops a plan and constructs its masterpiece with the help of an expert who advises them on the design process. After time is up, each team’s bulldozer is tested and the best-functioning machine wins.

In addition to the fierce competition between teams, Junkyard Wars shows viewers how the machines work, giving quick lessons on mechanics and horsepower. In the bulldozer episode, the show’s host, Tyler Harcott, takes a spin on Case’s 205-horsepower model 1850K crawler bulldozer and takes a quick look at the history behind Case’s bulldozers.

“Junkyard Wars makes learning about machines a truly fun experience,” said Bill Seidel, Case senior director of marketing. “We’re glad to be a part of it.”

In its 10th season, Junkyard Wars is TLC’s most popular series for men between the ages of 18 and 49 — a key demographic group for buying tools and machinery, according to the network. New episodes of the series premier every Wednesday, from 9-10 pm ET/PT.